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Youtube Shenanigans

Over the past few weeks we’ve been scratching. That thinking kinda scratch. Advertising and film is going better than we’d hoped for 2015: Lories, Cannes Lions, live orchestral recordings, French directors etc. But as things start to draw to a successful closure, we can’t help but feel the urge to tackle a new uncharted industry.…

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Eskom Chic – Designing the darkness

This is one seriously cool high concept fashion film we had the pleasure of creating the score for with Riordan Allen from Frieze Films. Ultra dark and sexy vocals by Lucy Tops brought the music to life. We have made the track available for download on soundcloud here: Download Eskom Chic Listen, share and enjoy!

Official Website Launch Video :O

Website launches are boring, we tried something a little different. You won’t believe what happens next! 😉

Making the Change

We really enjoyed teaming up with Florian Bison (Director) and Pierre De Villiers (Cinematographer) to bring this concept to life. The whole audio concept was built around a voice clip made by Benjamin Bohlmann, which we used as the inspiration for this piece. Music and sound design were then constructed around the voice to add…

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The legend of Kariba

Check out this insanely well done hand drawn 2D animation promo. It was made by a group of friends; The Blue Forest Collective. The end goal is to produce it as a feature length film. We had a rad time coming up with an other worldly score that borders on sound design. The director Dan…

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Start the party – Neon Run

Check out this snappy little film showing just how the music we composed for band Iscream and the Chocolate Stix get’s the party started and the people jumping.

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