Youtube Shenanigans

Over the past few weeks we’ve been scratching. That thinking kinda scratch.
Advertising and film is going better than we’d hoped for 2015: Lories, Cannes Lions, live orchestral recordings, French directors etc. But as things start to draw to a successful closure, we can’t help but feel the urge to tackle a new uncharted industry.


As the saying goes, if you ever want to lose faith in humanity just read youtube comments. But the medium cannot be denied its weight, for one, being the second biggest search engine in the world. Its reach goes far beyond our African borders and a seemingly innocuous or simple video can gain international notoriety/recognition over night.
So how do we approach this over saturated beast?

Our amateur research reveals one of the most popular category(s): Comedy.


Why not an industry we’re pretty obsessed and passionate about: Gaming.

Awesome. Now we’re ready!

After a quick brainstorm session we brought in one of our favourite Voice Over artists and good friend, Brendan Murray. His voice in the early morning is like a buzzing hive of bees dipped in a warm cup of rooibos (with a teaspoon of honey).

Our first comedic target in the gaming community, an old infamous indie developer by the name of Derek Smart. Legend has it he once assaulted a Coke machine (search Derek Smart and Coke machine), and if his name is repeated three times he shall be suddenly summoned from the backwater depths of the twittersphere. He has a history of being one of the most narcissistic developers of the last 2 decades, often belittling his followers/gamers and causing more than a mild headache for large game developers (google “his name” and Star Citizen to get an idea).

But anywhoo, on to our first YouTube experiment.

We took his game trailer and, using our expertise in the audio and film industry, re-wrote the script, audio and music. AND to our surprise it received over 6000 views and 350 likes in a couple weeks! This is a pretty small niche topic on one small game developer, so one could say this was “pretty dam successful” (but not viral), and additionally, we’ve gained over 100 subscribers since then.

That’s the scary part. Over 100 subscribers are now waiting for the next video. What have we done?
We’ll be updating our experimental progress in the weeks and months to come so #staytuned (or whatever that means).

PCS Team

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